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OSM Natural Odor Control destroys severe odors naturally.  This biodegradable formulation freshens instantaneously in enclosed areas and replaces the offensive odor with a light, refreshing aroma.  It quickly eliminates odors on contact.  Odor Control may be used as an air freshener or mixed with cleaning solutions to eliminate unwanted odors.
No harsh chemical fumes or vapor.
Safe for use around people and animals.

Ideal for use in kitchens, bathrooms, offices, schools, retail and industrial settings.  Perfect for eliminating dumpster, trash, mop bucket and food smells.

Mildew ∙ Dumpster Odors ∙ Food Odors · Smoke
Biodegradable, phosphate free, no glycol ether, ozone safe, phthalate free
Available in 32 oz. ready to use spray bottles,
1 gallon and 5 gallon jugs, and 55 gallon drums.
OSM Natural Odor Control 32 oz
1 Gallon.
5 Gallon.
Stock Symbol – OGSM.PK