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OSM Instrument Lubricant contains an eco-friendly corrosion inhibitor and lubricant specially formulated to lubricate and protect surgical instruments, hinges, box locks, and general equipment during the autoclaving process.

    Protects against pitting and rusting. Anti-corrosive agent keeps moving parts working freely.  pH neutral and safe for all types of instruments.

Surgical Instruments ∙ Hinges ∙ Box Locks
Biodegradable, phosphate free, no glycol ether, ozone safe, phthalate free
Available in 32 oz. ready to use spray bottles,
1 gallon and 5 gallon jugs, and 55 gallon drums.
OSM Eco-Friendly Instrument Lubricant 32 oz
1 Gallon.
5 Gallon.
Stock Symbol – OGSM.PK