Dragonfly Organix ® Stain Remover
in convenient 2-ounce spray bottles

Ever spill coffee, ketchup, etc. on your clothing? This strong natural formulation is for you. Use when traveling, on the job, in the car, or in a pinch.
The 2-oz Stain Remover is an ideal product to have in your backpack, glove box, briefcase, desk, or purse for those times when you need to remove that nuisance stain just before your next meeting or appearance. Powerful enzymes work fast to eat the stain away, no rinsing is necessary.

Nontoxic formula will not hurt your skin.  
Fabric ∙ Clothes ∙ Carpet ∙ Hard Surfaces
Biodegradable, and environmentally friendly,
Dragonfly Organix® Stain Remover is safe for use around children and pets.
Stain Remover
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Ingredients:  Water, non-ionic surfactants derived from corn, palm or coconut oils; Anionic surfactant derived from palm oil; Amphoteric surfactants derived from coconut oil: Non-hazardous, non-toxic enzyme cleaning agents; Preservative - less than .02%
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